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Dog Training Services

Pupy Training Vancouver Island

90 Minute In Home Training Lesson

Perfect for puppies! On average, in-home dog training lessons are 90 minutes in length and cover a range of topics. We go over anything and everything you want, the goal being to answer all of your questions, ease your frustrations, and help you become a fabulous trainer for your puppy. I currently offer Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island dog training. We usually start the lesson in your home, and then head out into the neighbourhood for a walk (if desired). This is the ideal lesson to book if it is your first one and if your dogs main training issues/goals center around the home and on walks nearby. After your dog training lesson, I will follow up with some detailed notes, that way you can actively participate in our session. These notes will cover what was discussed during your lesson, and more, and will be there for you to refer to anytime you need. You can expect to learn key puppy training strategies, how to highlight good behaviour and eliminate the bad, how to manage puppy biting, and how to be a leader that your dog listens to. And of course, you will learn how to teach your dog leash skills and to come when called! 

Vancouver Island Dog Training

60 Minute Training Lesson

These dog training lessons are great to book if you are already confident in your dogs training, but you have just a couple of things to work on. Maybe you need a check in as your puppy becomes a teenager and gets more confident, or perhaps this is a follow up lesson to our initial 90 minute one. This would also be the lesson to book if you have an older dog who needs a quick brush up. Depending on what you'd like to work on, this dog training lesson can be at your home, on a walk through your neighbourhood, or we can meet at a park or down anywhere you would like to train your dog. You direct the lesson to the things you and your dog need to work on most. You will receive brief follow up notes after these lessons as well, as needed.  

Nanaimo Dog Training
Powell River Dog Training

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are fantastic for those who have just a couple of questions, who live away from my location, or for those who want to chat about their dogs behavior and get some tips. If you are getting a new puppy and are unsure of where to start, if you need tips about a specific behaviour problem, or if you want ideas on the best dog gear, let's chat. These 30 minute conversations are often done on speaker phone, with the whole family participating. Brief follow up notes can be sent, as needed, on the things we chat about.

Sunshine Coast Dog Training

Interactive Dog Toys

There are a variety of fantastic interactive dog toys available, many of which can be so helpful for new puppy owners. They are great for keeping dogs occupied, stimulating their brains to think and figure things out, and for slowing those fast eaters at meal times. I use these regularly with my dog, and I have a few favourites that I can bring to your lesson when I come. 

Dog Training toys

Use the  Contact form, include your dog's information, and let's get your dog training journey started!

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