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Dogsafe® Canine First Aid

For Dog Owners AND Dog Professionals

Dogsafe Canine First Aid

Being certified in Dogsafe Canine First Aid could save your best friend's life.

Sometimes getting to your vet's office isn't an option.  Maybe it's after hours, maybe you

can't get in right away or maybe you don't live nearby and need help immediately. 

Will you know what to do?

I am proud to be the the first and only Nanaimo DOGSAFE Instructor, as well as the only instructor for Powell River.  This is a full day course running from 8:30am-4:30pm, with a 45 minute break for lunch midway through the day.  Your total investment for DOGSAFE Canine First Aid training & reference manual is $185. In DOGSAFE 101, You will Learn How to: *prevent common injuries *conduct a head to tail assessment *recognize 4 signs of illness or injury *respond to any emergency in 4 easy steps *safely approach an injured dog *take your dog’s vital signs and 3 other health tests *perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) *perform artificial respiration *remove an airway obstruction (choking) *treat minor wounds *prevent and treat for shock *control deadly bleeding *deal with penetrating objects *prevent and treat eye injuries and abdominal wounds *recognize risk factors and respond to bloat *prevent and respond to drowning *assess and respond to bone and joint injuries *prevent and respond to poisonings *prevent and respond to frostbite and hypothermia *prevent and respond to heatstroke


Sunday April 21st
@ Dog n Suds 


Saturday May 11th
@ The Cranberry Hall

DOGSAFE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know in an Emergency by DOGSAFE Founder Michelle Sevigny ($20 retail value) is included as a part of your DOGSAFE 101 course registration. The manual is reviewed & supported by veterinarians, including Dr. James Lawson, Chief Animal Health Officer of the BC SPCA.

PLUS, the course manual includes:

  • A vital signs checklist for keeping track of your dog’s essential information

  • An essential phone numbers list for easy access in emergencies

  • A canine incident report form to ensure accurate info during veterinary follow-ups

  • An Airway, Breathing & Circulation (ABC) assessment flowchart for easy reference

The DOGSAFE training and reference manual contains even more topics that are not covered in the course, making it a valuable resource for future reference.



Training techniques include:
Instruction, demonstration, hands-on learning, 
discussion/Q&A and videos.


Training tools include:
A real dog for practice, canine resuscitation manikins, plush demonstration

dogs, bandages, splints, fake guts & eyeballs, and much more!

Certificates awarded:
Upon successful completion of the hands-on practical and written test, you will be granted a frame-ready, 8 1/2″ x 11″ DOGS
AFE certificate that you can be proud to show your family, friends, clients and even your dog!


Ty and I would love to see you in an upcoming Dogsafe course. He is a rockstar demo dog and loves to teach students with his skills and stories. He is 15.5 now, so his list of course duties is smaller - however his presence is profound. He is an important teacher in the course. Please fill out the Contact Me form for more information and registration for Nanaimo and Powell River courses. 

Dogsafe Canine First Aid
Canine First Aid Powell River
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